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Compare PDF Documents with Adobe Acrobat
  Compare PDF Documents with Adobe Acrobat
By Brett Sennett

How many times have you been working on a document with team of people and you know they made some changes, but where are the changes and what are they? The time and effort taken to figure out the differences can be greatly reduced if you use Acrobat's "Compare Documents" feature. 

Pull up the two document versions, then create PDFs of each version and use the compare feature. Select Compare Documents... under the Document Menu.


You will be presented with a Dialog Box that gives you the options to choose what type of file it is. You have a choice of [Reports, spreadsheets, magazine layouts] or [Presentation decks, drawing or illustrations] and even [Scanned documents].  Choose the two versions to compare and click OK.


A report summary of all the changes between the two documents will be presented. You will be able to quickly see all the changes in the document. I could have saved hours of time manually scanning the document for all the changes that could be OK or might be mistakes. It's a great feature that I fully intend to use quite often in the future.


Adobe TV has a great video of this feature in action. Click here to see it.

Posted by Brett Sennetton Thursday, March 25 2010 - 19:00:00
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