These Are Three of My Favorite Things


In my job and in my life, I have and use multiple computers. I have some old laptops with various versions of Linux and Windows. I also have a Media Center PC and MacMini hooked up to my big TV at home. My main computer is a MacBook Pro where i do the majority of my work. So how do I manage to keep all these various systems synced? I use a trio of great applications to keep my Bookmarks, Passwords and important files all up to date.

I wrote a previous post about one of my favorite browser plug-ins formally called Foxmarks, now called Xmarks. Xmarks is a free, bookmark syncing website/browser plug-in. One of the first things I install on a new system is Google Chrome or Firefox due to the fact that these browsers are available for Mac, Windows and Linux. I prefer them over IE and Safari for that fact alone. Google Chrome is quickly becoming my favorite, but that's for another post.  Once that browser is up and running I install the Xmarks plug-in. I sign into my Xmarks account and download all my bookmarks instantly to my browser. My first sync is a "download" of my bookmarks, then i switch the settings to "sync." That way, if I bookmark something, it gets synced with all my other computers. Another obvious feature is that my bookmarks are constantly being backed up to Xmarks site. For iPhone users, yeah there's an App for that too.

I use 1Password from Agile Web Solutions for the Mac. 1Password is a paid application that provides great password secure storage. It also performs auto fill and password suggestion. The one feature I like the most is "1PasswordAnywhere." This feature works great in conjunction with Dropbox. I simply save my 1Password database in my DropBox directory or folder, sync DropBox with all my other computers, providing me with secure passwords everywhere. The fine folks at Agile Web Solutions have step by step instructions on how to do this. Click here for the guide. This feature is great when you are using a friend's computer, since your DropBox files are accessible via any "modern browser" on your Dropbox account online. So what is Dropbox?

Dropbox is another great syncing Website/application. Dropbox is free for 2 GB of data. I use Dropbox to sync all my important files and various application installers like virus checkers and malware removal tools. Sure, I could use a thumb drive, but Dropbox is just too cool and easy to use. Dropbox is the workhorse of this solution. Effortless syncing is the goal of Dropbox and it does it very well. Dropbox is a great solution for me since it's Linux compatible too. Since all my Dropbox files are accessible via the Web, i can use any computer with internet access to get to my passwords. Xmarks also gives you access to all your bookmarks via you Xmarks account, thus providing everything you need to work anywhere in the world that has free access to the internet.

Since I use my MacBook as my primary workstation, I can bookmark sites, set passwords and create files that can be synced to all my other testing and functioning machines instantly with these tools. Anyone that uses multiple computers can take advantage of these tools. If you need help, you can always call your friendly RetroTechs Consultant at 404-352-6210 to get you up and running.

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